Academic details

The LIFE preschool is not only about 1,2,3 or A,B,C. We believe in inculcating communication and critical thinking in the children of tomorrow. Our principle is to bring to our children a sound environment which is culturally just – with the right morals, values, protection and most importantly love. Our children need to grow with a healthy mind and body. We believe that the beginning of a child’s life is the most critical growing phase. We can mould them to be independent individuals who learn, grow and play. Learning is all about fun and development which is all-round. We provide them with an environment full of excitement and joy.

We make sure that our kids have a holistic approach to learning. Right from basic toilet training to exciting dance lessons, yoga, music and other exciting activities; our children are taught everything. We also do not believe in only learning between four walls and hence take them on regular field trips so they can be one with nature and learn more productively.

We also ensure regular interaction with the parents so they can know about their child’s development. Our activities and syllabi are all based on themes such that the child is able to love learning.

Our teachers are all child centric and highly experienced. We all believe in the future generation and ensure their holistic development and aim towards making them confident and happy.